This is the perfect package for the adventure seekers. Combine a thrilling skydive experience with a SkyPoint climb of Gold Coast’s iconic Q1 building.

The adventure begins with hotel transfers to Tyagarah Airport where you will fly to 14,000 feet above the Australian coastline. The real fun begins when you and your skydiving instructor leap out of the plane to enjoy the breathtaking views of coastal Byron Bay. After 60 seconds free fall at 220km per hour you can relax as the parachute is released and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the beach and the hinterland.

The second part of the adventure is the SkyPoint climb taking in 360-degree views of the Gold Coast. The 90 minute experience will begin as you travel 77 floors to the observation deck and then step outside the building to climb 270 stairs to the top of SkyPoint. Once you have reached the highest point you will have spectacular views of Gold Coast beaches, canals and the hinterland. You will also have entry to the observation deck included as part of the experience so you can enjoy the views at your leisure after the climb.

The SkyPoint Climb departs daily at 9.40am in Surfers Paradise and the skydive operates at scheduled times from Tyagarah airport.

Experience the best aerial views of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast by skydiving and climbing one of Australia’s tallest residential buildings with this package. Purchase your tickets today and enjoy an adventure you’ll never forget!

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Skydive and SkyPoint Package

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