Enjoy the magic and wonder of Australia’s very own “Hollywood on the Gold Coast”, with tickets to Warner Bros Movie World.

Perfect for families, couples or teenagers, there’s an abundance of rides at Warner Bros Movie World suitable for all ages. Whether you’re after something to get the heart racing like the Superman Escape or Green Lantern Coaster or perhaps something a little more subtle such as the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, there truly is a ride for everyone!

With a dedicated children’s zone with an assortment of rides that will be a hit with the young ones, you can feel safe in knowing that Movie World has even the youngest of characters catered for. Let them try their luck at driving in the Junior Driving School or simply watch on as they enjoy the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone – you won’t see a smile leave their face the whole day!

Aside from the rides, you can also meet your favourite cartoon characters and Hollywood stars at Warner Bros Movie World. Cuddle up to Tweety Bird or see who is tougher out of you and Batman, with so many stars in the one place, you’ll be fooled into believing you’ve truly stepped foot onto a movie set!

Warner Bros Movie World has a great range of cafes and stores, lockers to store your belongings for the day, and a range of shows perfect for keeping you entertained throughout the day. Located directly off of the Gold Coast’s main highway, reaching this fantastic theme park couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re travelling by car, taxi or bus there is always plenty of available parking, or drop off zones close by.

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Warner Bros Movie World

Warner Bros Movie World

Children and Concessions (Pen/Sen) From $69.99

Adults From $79.99