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Dreamworld’s Sky Voyager is now open for boarding

By September 2, 2019 October 27th, 2019 No Comments

Dreamworld’s Sky Voyager is now open for boarding

Dreamworld's much anticipated amusement ride, Sky Voyager is now open and it is a revolutionary experience the entire family can enjoy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dreamworld’s Sky Voyager is now preparing for boarding!

Sky Voyager Ride

Riders can now take to the skies flying over Australia’s incredible landscapes in the Southern Hemisphere’s first flying theatre. The multi-sensory experience uses state of the art technology and will quite literally have you on the edge of your seat.

With suspended seats and perfectly timed wind, sound, light, mist and scented special effects, the Sky Voyager will take you on an immersive journey across Australia.

Dreamworld Sky Voyager

Our Experience

We were among the lucky few to ride the Sky Voyager before it opened to the public. And I can honestly say that I was inspired to get out and explore Australia’s sunburnt land, ancient rainforest, coral reefs and stunning outback locations once we had “landed”.

Without wanting to give too much away, the experience starts like any other flight with a pre-boarding safety briefing and in flight entertainment all that seek to give you glimpses of what is ahead prior to take off.

Spread across two floors, the Sky Voyager can seat up to 60 passengers at a time and accommodate passengers from 4 years to 94 years. The five and a half minute scenic flight will take you over the Great Ocean Road, over the Great Barrier Reef, mustering cattle and sand duning in the outback and even give you a touch of vertigo going skydiving.

Image Credit- Dreamworld Australia

It was the best flight I’ve ever had with no headaches, cramped legs, fights squeezing luggage into overhead compartments or painful ear popping to speak of.

The multi-million dollar amusement ride is one flight that you’ll want to take over and over again. And with the use of modern technology and the ability to change the video it certainly gives Dreamworld the flexibility to constantly update or theme the ride to another experience in time.

Our Rating:

We give Sky Voyager 5/5 because it will appeal to all age groups and there is no other amusement ride like it currently in Australia. When you visit Dreamworld, you’ll find the Sky Voyager immediately to your left after you enter the gates.

Attention Passengers: The Sky Voyager is currently boarding. Head here to pick up your boarding pass (Dreamworld ticket) and experience a flight like no other.